Got Gisele Taking Self-Shots In The Bathroom

Omg, look at that body, this babe is just superb and amazing.  If I had to name a celeb the beautiful Got Gisele resembles I would have to say there is a SLIGHT resemblance to a young Jenna Jameson especially facial-wise and as for the body it’s a bit reminiscent of a younger Pam Anderson. What do you think? Just look at those boobs, this woman is unbelievable. She was built for hot and hard sex! All pics are from Gisele’s website!

The curves on this woman’s body are out of control!

Visit Got Gisele’s own website and watch her HD movies

Fuck, if my body was this hot I would be taking pics of myself all day long too, and all night!

The sexy beauty taking a steamy shower  – See much more of this beauty here  Got Gisele here

This gorgeous babe was built for sex. Her boobs are phenomenal. She must not be of the human species because I never knew a woman could have a waist that small and yet tits that big. She is one of the sexiest hotties I have ever seen. Check out Gisele’s official site and watch all her explicit HD videos; she shakes her tits and ass, strips, dances, teases on cam and even rubs her gorgeous shaved pussy for you! Click here to see more of Gisele!

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Got Gisele Sexy Blonde Teases In The Bathroom

Another hot update for you with some incredible new pictures of this amazing beauty. All pics of Gisele are courtesy of her own website Got Gisele which you can visit here! Here this babe is in the bathroom taking pictures of herself. I love this very first pic. Look at how tiny her waist is. I didn’t know a human being could have such a small waist! Simply incredible!

Got Gisele hottie takes an amazing picture of herself This is what we call cleavage city.  This babe has a lot going for her in her little top!

See the full set of Gisele pictures here

Got Gisele with her big boobs hanging out of a small top

This is an amazing body! They should clone every woman’s body after Gisele’s!

This woman has curves in the front AND the back! Not flat ass on Gisele! No her ass is round and so juicy, like a nice beachball! She got a lot of junk in the trunk. I would love to watch her shake and jiggle that juicy ass all night long!

Visit Gisele’s site to see more of her luscious tits and big booty

Gisele shows off her sweet ass

Nothing is hotter than a beautiful woman pleasuring herself. Gisele is so hot she gets off on herself! I would too if I looked like that! Visit her site for more!

Gisele rubs her shaven pussy

What an amazing body! Can’t get enough of this hot blonde? Want to download every single movie of her and every single picture? Who doesn’t!!! She is so damn hot you know you have to see more of her… yes much more!! Visit her amazing website…

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Got Gisele Shows Off In A Green Bikini On Her Bike

I cannot get over how amazing this woman’s body is.  This woman is stunningly beautiful and wow, look at that ass on the bike. Her ass is perfectly formed; smooth, round, hard, looks smackable,  not one ounce of cellulite! This may be the most perfect ass I have ever layed my eyes on. This is by far one of my favorite shots… The famous ass shot! Visit Got Gisele’s website to see more of this goddess and watch her shake her tits live on cam!

Gisele should wear a bikini at all times. If I had a body like that I sure would! It should be a law for this woman to be covered up.

Wow, look at those abs, so perfect and tight!  See more of Gisele at her website here!

Got Gisele is the proud owner of a sexy bike. Now I would like to see her ride it and show off her skills!

Ready to watch HD movies of this bombshell shake and oil up her big tits on film? Got Gisele is an exhibitionist and she enjoys showing off her incredible hourglass body to all her fans and admirers. Come and visit the official website of the hottest blonde on-line !

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GotGisele Strips Naked On The Beach

GotGisele’s website has done it again. This one truly one of the hottest pics I have seen so far of this stunning blonde. This woman is just perfection. Her body is killer. Her body is perfect from head to toe.  Here she shows off her super tight body off in a pink thong and straw hat on the beach. Look at how tiny that waist is! Pics are all from GotGisele’s own personal website – Click here to see more of this perfect woman!

Got Gisele slides off her hot pink thong off on the beach to reveal her incredible ass – Pics courtesy of GotGisele

Gisele shows off her perfect tight and toned legs and her amazing tight buns - see more at her website

What a perfect hourglass body, big tits, skinny waist, fine ass, this woman has it all!

Gisele is the perfect woman. She looks almost too good to be true. Ready to see much more of this luscious blonde? Check out GotGisele, her official website – Join and get instant access to all her pics and videos. Jack off to her amazing big heavenly tits, tight ass and sexy tight body. Got Gisele is a total 10!

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GotGisele shows off her sexy corvette

Got Gisele is one of the most gorgeous blonde bomshells I have ever layed one.  She drives a Corvette and loves to show off her hourglass tight fuckable body in front of her ride. This woman is simply amazing; her angelic face,  intoxicationg smile, incredible curves and I have to say it; the tits! She has the biggest, most perfect succulent titties I have ever layed my eyes on.  You can see a lot more of this sexy hottie at her own website GotGisele

GotGisele shows off her perfect tight young ass in front of her Corvette – pics courtesy of GotGisele

Gisele is a hot tease showing off her flat abs and some serious cleavage

GotGisele shows off her amazing hourglass body

GotGisele is one of the sexiest blondes to hit the internet. Join her site now and get access to all of her photos and movies – Click here to see much of of this stunning blonde hottie

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Hello world!

Hey, welcome to  Club Got Gisele! I thought Giselle was stunning the moment I saw her; she’s a true bombshell with her long flowing blonde hair, hourglass body, pouty lips and unbelievable sex appeal. She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever laid eyes on. I wanted to share my collection of Giselle photos with all you fellow fans out there. I hope you enjoy my blog. Take care!

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